About the Dead Bird Buggy Bash


The DBBB is a casual, no-schedule, no-races kite buggy regatta held each November over the Thanksgiving holiday in Galveston Texas. Our goal is simply to enjoy kite buggying with friends new and old and promote kite traction in a friendly and safe environment. If you have not yet attended this event, you are missing something very special. Join us each November to buggy the huge beaches of south Texas and partake in our holiday feast on the beach. Registration is free and allows us to plan for services and dinners in advance. Please register online.


Lured to the Texas coast by yummy Gulf Red Snapper, Dick and Gail Bell from Dallas began vacationing in Galveston over the Thanksgiving holiday. During one of their visits, they spied a giant spin sock out front of a kite shop. The swirling colors drew them in and sparked their interest in kiting. Fast forward to 1993, when the couple had a full fledged passion for kiting. Once again vacationing in Galveston, they realized that the beaches were perfect for kite buggying.

In 1994, they put out the word to the kiting community to join them on their annual retreat. Joining the Bells was just a small gathering of good people that shared a great hobby. The event was unorganized and everyone had a great time. "The first year we all just showed up and had a blast."

Locals began hosting what became an annual event. For three years the owners of Kites over Houston - Keith and Lou Anderson, Cynthia and James Salazar, and Jeffrey Kold - hosted the event with food and camaraderie. The fifth year's event was hosted by Carolyn Weir. She put in lots of work prior to the event, arranged the hotel accommodations and cooked for the entire group. Her early efforts are still benefiting us today (Hotel Galvez).

The DBBB belongs to no one and yet belongs to everyone. It is still Dick and Gail's Thanksgiving retreat and seems to grow a little bigger and get a little better every year.

Event Dates for 2017

DBBB Pre Event - SLP (san luis pass) - November 21 - 22

Texas BBQ Dinner - November T/A

DBBB Main Event - SLP (san luis pass) - November 23 - 29

Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner - November 26

Be sure to register online before the event and make your hotel reservations early.

Hotel and reservation info for 2017

The following hotels offer resonable rates or group discounts for DBBB attendees. Room availability is usually not a problem this time of year, but making reservations early is recommended.

Quality Inn & Suites
Web: http://www.qualityinn.com/hotel-galveston-texas-TX880?sid=x7kwIg.DkrYOgbA6g.20&sarea=&sname=&sstate=&scountry=&sradius=&slat=29.267511&slon=-94.825279
Group code:
Phone: 409-740-1088
Daily rate: $
Weekly rate: $

Holiday Inn Resort on the beach
Web: http://www.ichotelsgroup.com/h/d/rs/1/en/hotel/GLSSB
Group code:
Phone: 409-740-5300
Daily rate: $
Weekly rate: $

Super 8 Motel Galveston
Web: http://www.super8galveston.com/
Group code:
Phone: 409-740-6640
Daily rate: $
Weekly rate: $

Best Western PLUS
Web: http://book.bestwestern.com/bestwestern/US/TX/Galveston-hotels/BEST-WESTERN-PLUS-Seawall-Inn---Suites-by-the-Beach/Hotel-Overview.do?propertyCode=4467
Group code:
Phone: 409-766-7070
Daily rate: $
Weekly rate: $

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Question Beach conditions

Answer Galveston has many wide, hard-packed beaches. Standard buggy tires will work fine in most areas though fat tires provide an advantage. Plenty of parking space is available and vehicles are allowed on the beach.

Question Wind/Weather conditions

Answer Expect a bit of everything. One day we will have a warm 15 mph wind blowing off the ocean with highs in the 80s, the next will be a brisk northerner with winds gusting 30 to 40mph with daytime highs in the 50s and lows in the 40s, followed by a calm cool rapidly warming blue bird day. Repeat every 3rd or 4th day.

Question Is camping allowed?

Answer Camping is tolerated this time of year though the only facilities available will be from those that have motor homes and travel trailers. You can always bum a shower from someone that has a motel room though. Be prepared for violent storms. They're not unusual this time of year and you may decide to check into a motel for a night or two.

Question What size kites?

Answer Basically all you can carry. The weather varies widely this time of year (see Wind/Weather conditions above). Small foils should be enough for strong gusty north winds, but you will need your largest kites on the blue bird days. Mid-size 4 to 6 meter sizes will likely get the most use.

Question Safety Equipment?

Answer Head gear, elbow and knew pads are strongly recommended for all buggy pilots and landboarders. Helmets, wetsuits and light floatation are recommended for kitesurfers. Though we do not enforce use of safety gear, we ask all those who attend to be safe, wear protective gear and set a good example to others so that we may continue to be welcome in Galveston.

Question Is racing allowed?

Answer Racing is allowed for those who wish to put together an impromptu event and can do so in a safe manner. Someone usually runs "no passing" races, dune excursions or other non-competitive type events. We're pretty laid back down here on the beach.

Question What's for dinner?

Answer Texas BBQ at the pre-event and Cajun fried turkey Thanksgiving day! The pre-event is covered, but Thanksgiving is a pot-luck style dinner so bring that one special dish that makes Thanksgiving especially meaningful to you. Reserve a bit for yourself, then add the rest to the table. We have the means to reheat your dish if needed. Also be sure to bring some ziplock bowls if you would like some leftovers.